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Hello Everyone,

After about 2 months of the creation of the server, it is at the edge of being complete. In only just a couple of days, the server will finally be released to the public. I'd like to congratulate everyone that helped improve and create the server. I'd like the mainly thank all the staff that helped organize and develop the network professionally. I can see a great future when it comes to SepticCraft and the reputation to the network as a whole.

When the server is released there will be a couple of changes in the server. First off, there will be no advertising for staff on our server other than our website, for example, no staff will promote for needed staff on PlanetMinecraft, MinecraftForums, etc. Anot...

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Welcome New Players 9 months ago

Hello everyone, 

If you are seeing this I would like to thank you for coming on to our forums page. You most likely have saw this link from my server and I would like to thank you for spending analyzing our website. If you have yet to visit our server, please join us at If you would to see a list of the rules and regulationss please go to the forums page to view it. Thank you :)

If you happen to interested in staff please read the staff application requirments. I appreciate you joining us.



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